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"Wonderful customer service! Thank you so very very much. "

- Seth Miller, Plano, Texas

"And I might add, I have loved doing business with you and you guys probably top Mariner, which is a company designing primarily mac software, as the best customer service and awareness of any company doing business on the internet. Great product and service and whatever becomes of a mac version, best of luck to you guys!!"

-Jim Trott, California

"Torrid Technologies gets an "A" for superb customer service...Thanks"

- Richard Maxwell, Houston, TX

"Thanks for the response. I will reload the program. I have always been and continue to be happy the service you company provides."

- Lee Jennings, Seneca, SC

"Your handling of this problem was excellent! Keep up the good work. The program is also excellent."

- Lou Wingate, Mount Sterling, KY

"The response time of Torrid-Tech Support is really great. And, the program also appears to be a winner."

- Jerry Schiowitz, Framingham, MA

"Thanks for your help. This is one of the easiest to use programs I've ever used. The team is to be commended for an excellent product."

- Larry Konty, Tigard, OR

"It is a simple and easy to understand program."

- Gray Morrison, Metairie, LA

"First of all I much appreciate the quick and prompt customer service .. yours is the best I've encountered so far in terms of Internet vendors."

- Mike Goss, Arlington, VA